Tim's Coffee Shoppe

Vision Statement

 Tim’s Coffee Shoppe will become the foremost coffee shop in the area. We will serve a great product at a very reasonable price. Our staff will go the extra step to make your coffee experience the best it can be. We will also be a meeting place for students and business people alike. We will create an atmosphere conducive to creative expression and promote the creative process by keeping you connected to the world with free WIFI service.

Short term goals

• Promote Elena to Manager and give her more duties that are for a manager.

• Promote Darryl to assistant manager with limitations regarding his warnings.

• Begin to have staff meetings to see where they feel things should go.

Long Term Goals

• Update existing equipment.

• Speak with electrician about more electrical plugs.

• Install WIFI.

 To reach the short term goals Time just needs to look to reorganize the staff. The need consistent leadership and that starts with Tim. Elena has been with him a long time and has obvious strengths as the team already views her as the supervisor of sorts so make that official. Have Elena responsible for making sure the paperwork is up to date on all employees. No one should have several warnings in their file without ever having had a review. She can also be in charge of scheduling.

 By promoting Darryl to assistant manager he will have another strong leader as long as he makes it clear to him that his expectations as a manager are high and he must prove himself. Darryl has warnings in his file and those must be spoken to and addressed as things that cannot occur in the future if he is to keep the assistants job. He should be on 90 day probation for this newly created position. He can be placed officially in charge of the entertainment segment as he has proven to do well with this. He needs to stay up on what is current and keep it moving forward.

 Tim next should institute regular staff meetings, a time for staff to bring up any ideas or issues that they may see. As an owner Tim cannot be the eyes and ears of his business so he needs to rely on his help to let him know what his customers are saying. The comment cards are good but if no one does anything with the data they are a useless tool. The staff meetings could be a great place to go over the comment cards and here what the staff has to say.

 For long term goals Tim needs to think financial planning. He needs to make some upgrades to the coffee shop so he needs to know what he has for funds to work with. This may include looking into financing. He definitely needs to update his method of taking payment. To stay competitive with ________________he needs to be able to take credit and debit cards as well as cash. He needs to move with the times to stay in business. He needs to get his business up to date and into the computer. His record keeping paperwork is awful. He needs to use his resources to update. One of his workers is currently enrolled as an accounting student, maybe she could help out once he gets a new computer to get his files onto the computer and out of the file cabinet.

 That being said he also needs to look at upgrading the coffee Shoppe’s interior by adding more access to electrical plugs. This is a code issue so he may need to have a city inspector take a look at this and tell him how he must proceed. Once that has been addressed then he can price out having the internet installed which could be as simple as having a router installed
depending on what services he currently has. Where he is unable to accept credit cards and has sun an old computer I assume he has none at the moment.

He needs to sit down and make a true plan on where he wants to be in a year, in five years and set goals to move each step of the way.

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